Friday, June 14, 2013

A Mobile Shop Update: The End Is Near

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you guys on the progress of my mobile shop venture and I’ve got tons of details to fill you in on since April.  

First things first…the clothes! One of the most fun (and indulgent) parts of launching this new facet of my business has been getting to stock up on lots and lots of vintage to fill the trailer with. Above are some peeks at what I have in store for you Brooklynites but believe me when I say that there is much more where that came from. My bedroom is literally exploding with vintage clothes and I can’t wait to share it will all of you!
My trailer-towing machine!

Aaand here she is getting towed away after a highway breakdown!

Also…I bought a car! The trailer isn’t going to tow itself, so naturally I needed a vehicle to pull it with. I decided on a Ford Escape since they’re affordable and powerful enough for towing. I’ve had a couple of major breakdowns (and just as many anxiety attacks) since buying my wheels but all in all, my vintage sourcing has been much more effective now that I don’t have to rely on friends and Zipcar for transportation. Learning how to drive with a 10-foot monstrosity attached to my car has also been, in a word, interesting but I keep telling myself that trailer towing will be a good skill to have if this whole vintage thing doesn’t work out...right?

The trailer primed and ready!

Me getting my construction on and sanding the trailer.

And we can’t forget about…the trailer construction! Since buying the trailer, I’ve gutted the inside and replaced a lot of missing wood paneling with the very generous help of my friend Zach who has a carpentry business and has donated his time and power tools to the cause. The inside is almost ready for finishing touches like a new paint job, hanging racks, checkered flooring and the deadstock 1950s floral wallpaper that I just ordered! I’ve also primed the outside (as you can see in the above photo) and it’s all ready for its teal paint job as soon as I can get a few clear days in Brooklyn...are you listening Mother Nature? 

And you can’t leave without hearing about…my new website! I finally have a domain name to call my own and pretty soon will be up and running. My super talented friend Hannah Rawe did some amazing drawings for the site (that is actually being coded as we speak). Above is a sneak peek at what the home page will look like.

All in all, these past few months have been a combination of amazingly exciting/incredibly stressful/creatively stimulating/physically exhausting. Getting this thing up and running has been a TON of work with lots of unexpected twists and turns and also one of the most satisfying experiences of my career thus far being able to actually create something that I’ve been conceptualizing for so long.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the very wordy post! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more daily updates and stay tuned for the launch date (and backyard party!) of the mobile shop!

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