Monday, April 8, 2013

Making Progress: An Update on Our Mobile Boutique

If you've been tracking my Kickstarter progress, you'll know that about two weeks ago, I reached my goal and my project to launch a mobile vintage boutique in Brooklyn was funded! It's been a crazy couple of weeks since then and, quite frankly, I'm still in a bit of shock that I'm really launching this thing! I wanted to keep you all updated with my progress on getting the trailer on the road so that my Kickstarter backers can get a good idea of how their money is being spent and hopefully it will be fun to follow along, too.

First things first: The very first day after the Kickstarter was funded, I officially certified my business with Kings County. This is actually a pretty easy process that just involves filling out some paperwork, getting it notarized and bringing it down to City Hall. After that, you're able to open up a business bank account, apply for permits and take care of all the little nitty gritty small biz details.

Kickstarter rewards: I'm working hard on getting all of my amazing backers the loot that is coming to them. I ordered some awesome vintage trailer thank you cards from The Brush and Mallett on Etsy and now I just need to write out 80 cards, phew!

The trailer: The most exciting announcement is that I found the camper trailer that La Poubelle Vintage mobile will be housed in (above). She is a 10-foot 1968 Shasta Airflyte and quite possibly the cutest little thing ever. I drove up to Maine to check her out this weekend and it ended up being a perfect fit for me. She needs a new paint job and plenty of interior work and I can't wait to start working on the construction! This was actually the first trailer that I looked at so I'm feeling lucky that I didn't have to drive all around the East Coast checking them out as these models can be hard to find in such good condition.

That's it for now but you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where I post lots of mini updates on the goings on around here.


  1. Laura It is the cutest trailer ever!!!! Awesome find. I want to see the interior too. So is it in Brooklyn with you now? And you have a car I guess?

    1. Thank you!! I will definitely share pics of the interior soon! It's actually at my parents house in Maine for now. I need to get a car that is capable of towing it so as soon as that happens, I'll bring it back to the city and get to work on refurbishing it!

  2. Hey Laura...congrats and the trailer looks fabulous. Kai said the prev owner really did a lot of work. Sounds perfect for LP Mobile #1! And a fleet to follow as success will surely come your way. Can't Kai pull it with the Beemer?