Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Artist

Have you guys seen The Artist? I went to see it at a theater called NiteHawk in my neighborhood where you can watch cool movies while you swill cocktails and eat good food, basically my ideal place! At first, I was a little skeptical that a silent movie could hold my interest but it was actually a really charming movie. The late '20s-early '30s fashion is enough of a reason to go see it, I was especially smitten with the movie's "It Girl" Peppy Miller played by the lovely Bérénice Bejo. I really love her short curly bob and I can't wait to try it myself with rag rollers.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is is Summer Yet? A Shop Update

This wacky winter weather has me feeling like spring is right around the corner, which is delusional since it’s the beginning of February. I had been saving these summery pieces for a little later in the year but I couldn’t resist listing them now, especially after a vintage appointment where I picked up lots of crochet pieces—my favorite summer textile! Most of these are in the shop now and the rest will be showing up today and tomorrow except for maybe the first dress…that one just may have found a permanent home in my closet.

All images are linked!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Edwardian Corset Cover

Up until now I had yet to feature anything from the Edwardian era in the shop so I'm very excited to have found this little lovely. After doing some research, I found that these cotton camisoles are actually called corset covers and were worn over the corset to both protect the corset from getting dirty and to ensure that the outer layer of clothing isn't damaged by the sometimes sharp edges of the corset. This one has beautiful and intricate eyelet detailing, I especially love the straps. Look for it in the shop today!

Purchase it here!