Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Winter Wardrobe

Come wintertime, I barely want to leave my house let alone look good while doing it. Day after day I find myself wanting to wear the same outfit in different variations: an oversized sweater, a pair of jeggings and boots. Not only is this ridiculously comfortable, it also looks effortlessly chic. But since this outfit combo is basically the closest that you can get to walking around in a Snuggie, I’m trying to spice up my staples without sacrificing wearability.

Top Row from left: Topshop knitted slubby sweater, $80, Malene Birger draped sweater, $118.50, Spiegel dolman sleeve sweater, $89

Middle Row: Vanilla Star cargo pants, $14.97
, Arden B. lightweight denim jeggings, $59, Topshop suedette leggings, $50

Bottom Row: Cooperative suede Gumsmole boot, $68, Franco Sarto Point boot, $119.99, ASOS Marky leather brogues, $55.17