Friday, October 7, 2011

Vintage Furs and Monograms

Fall is the most beautiful season in NYC but I’m still sorry to see summer go. I’m softening the blow by getting psyched about fall clothes, especially furs! Vintage furs are my favorite, they’re so classic and glamorous. I found these two beauties at one of my favorite thrift haunts this week. The first is a mink fur stole from the ‘50s and the second is a late ‘30s or early ‘40s marmot fur cape. I also love that both have the original owners monograms sewn inside, it just makes them feel that much more special. Look for them in the shop soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dead Horse Bay

I’ve been meaning to post photos of our adventure at Dead Horse Bay which are a little old now (this having occurred on Labor Day) but better late than never. Dead Horse bay is a really strange strip of beach in The Rockaways that is so named because it used to serve as a dumping area for horse carcasses after they were used for manufacturing glue. The area later turned into a landfill of sorts up until the ‘50s. Now the beach is scattered with remains from the old landfill which continue to wash up onto the beach. This may sound gross (and some of it is) but it’s also a fun place to go treasure hunting for vintage glass and ceramic pieces of which there are plenty.

It took us awhile to find the beach since it's sort of off the beaten path but once we did, the grass parted...

...and we began foraging. This was right after Hurricane Irene so there was a lot of plant debris including this huge tree that was uprooted.

We made the mistake of not looking up the tide schedule so we ended up there at high tide. There was still lots to explore, most of the beach looked like this:

Old trash or vintage packaging? You decide...

We left with lots of goodies!

Of course we couldn't drive through The Rockaways without hitting up Rockaway Taco. Fish tacos=highly recommended.

My Loot:

Left: A teeny tiny bottle. Right: A cool old soda bottle.

My favorite find is this old Clorox jug which I think is from the late '40s or early '50s. So much cooler than plastic bleach bottles today, right?