Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Need These Summer Dresses. Now.

Pintuck Citrus Jersey Dress from Fred Flare, $29.99

My summer uniform consists of a little dress and flat sandals. It’s rare that I differ from this formula too often. That being said, by the end of each summer, all of my dresses have been worn to DEATH. I’m in the market for some new dresses for this season and happened to be looking on Fred Flare’s website. I knew they were the place to go for kitschy accessories but their clothes are darn cute too. There’s a ton of cute dresses that I’ve got my eye on like this denim jumper, this tie-dye dress (ok so I’m obsessed with tie-dye), and this preppy striped one. They’re all totally reasonably priced too so shop away!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Guest blogger preview

I’ve gotten the opportunity to do some guest blogging for Sandra at Debutante Clothing. She writes mostly about vintage and vintage inspired clothing and has a really great eye for style. Here are a few photos from my photo shoot, and by photo shoot I mean my friend taking pictures of me on the street while various moving men and construction workers heckled me. My first post should be up shortly so check it out!