Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best of 2012

Last year, I had fun rounding up my favorite La Poubelle Vintage pieces from 2011 and so I decided to do it again for this year. As I’m nearing my 1,000th sale, I’m more grateful than ever to my lovely customers for supporting me along the way. Hopefully you’ll want to spend some time taking a trip down memory lane with me!

1. 1950s Wedding Dress
1950s Wedding Dress This year, the boyfriend of one of my best friends bought a house from an elderly woman. I helped him clean it out and of course, dig through all of the clothes. This was the lovely woman’s 1951 wedding dress, we even found her original wedding album with photos of her wearing the dress. This dress fit me like a dream so I was tempted to keep it but decided to set her free.

2. 1950s Blouse
 The very sweetest 1950s floral-print blouse.

3. 1920s Lingerie Set

 It is rare to find a complete lingerie set like this from the '20s so even though this had its flaws, it was still one of my favorite finds this year!

4. 1960s Gown 

 The print and asymmetrical cut of this 1960s gown blows me away!

5. Edwardian Corset Covers

6. 1960s Beaded Dress

This 1960s dress is perfection! And the woman who bought it wore it to her sister's wedding, yay!

7. 1970s Plaid Palazzo Pants

If these pants had fit me they would have been mine, all mine.

8. 1940s Paul Parnes Dress

The beading details on this 1940s Paul Parnes dress was something else!

9. 70s-Does-30s Dress
This dress had me perplexed for quite awhile, the styling and details are very 1930s but the print is likely from the '70s. Either way, the two decades mash up nicely in this cute little bicycle-print dress!

10. 1950s Fur Stole

This 1950s silver mink stole came from a family friend's mother. It was carefully cared for over the years and in amazing condition. I have never felt vintage fur that was so soft and supple!

11. Suzy Perette Cocktail Dress

Suzy Perette was one of the most sought-after dressmakers of the '50s and '60s. This buttercup yellow silk dress of hers is just lovely.

12. 1960s Lace Dress

This 1960s dress was sold to one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Ashley Ording of Fancy Fine!

13. 1940s Veiled Hat
I love this 1940s hat with pearl trim and a delicate mesh veil.

14. 1950s Satin Dress

Quite simply, a beautiful and lush 1950s dress.

15. 1940s Velvet Dress
A beautiful 1940s black velvet dress with white lace embroidery.

16. 1960s Dress
These days you see ombre hair and ombre nails, but how about a 1960s dress made from ombre silk chiffon!

17. Leather Coach Bag
Coach bags never go out of style and I love this pouch-style version.

18. Boho Cotton Dresses

I love this style of dress! I found these two sister dresses together and coincidentally, they both sold to the same person!

19. 1960s Satin Dress
I love the emerald green color and dramatic neckline of this dress.

20. Grenelle Estévez Dress
This dress also inspired me to learn about a new vintage designer, Grenelle Estévez. Similar to this dress, his designs were sleek and simple with interesting lines and cutouts.

21. 1960s Velvet Dress
Pretty much the perfect holiday party dress!

 And on that note, there are several of my favorites from this year that haven't sold yet including a 1970s Pucci dress,  a Mr. John felt fedora, a 1950s cobalt blue dress, and this 1940s cotton dress!

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