Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year's Brunch

My roommate Merav and I hosted a (slightly belated) New Year's brunch yesterday at our apartment. It was a blast with lots of great food, good people and strong drinks! Here are a few highlights from the day.

Homemade cinnamon rolls. These were pretty easy to make and they turned out delicious! Recipe here We doubled up on the cream cheese frosting!

We drank mimosas from my '50s gold-trimmed champagne bowls. I love these so much that I almost hate to use them because I'm afraid of one breaking but they're too pretty not to!

Pretty purple flowers in a St. Germain mixing container repurposed as a vase.

Breakfast egg casserole with a potato crust, sausage, spinach and cheese. All the breakfast foods rolled into one gooey rich dish! Recipe here.

Coffee in a vintage Marilyn Monroe mug.

Oscar lounging in the sun next to Merav's Sweet Home Sweet Pillow.

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