Monday, January 9, 2012

Joan Holloway’s Eyeliner

I know, I’m way behind on this one but I am just now getting into Mad Men and wowza is it good! It’s also a major time suck since it’s available on Netflix instant, which allows me to watch 5 episodes in a row like I did this past Sunday…don’t judge. Obviously the styling on the show is fantastic but it’s Joan Holloway’s eyeliner that gets me every time. I’ve tried liquid eyeliner before and it always ends up looking a bit too dramatic but Joan’s subtle retro swoop has inspired me to try again. ModCloth’s YouTube channel has a cute retro makeup tutorial that might be fun to try. Anyone out there have any liquid eyeliner tips?

P.S. The photos came from AMC's website where they post stills from every episode which is also a fun place to browse for vintage fashion inspiration!

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