Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice Cream Social

I’ve always wanted to make my own ice cream so when I found out that my new roomie Merav has an ice cream maker, I was beyond excited. Along with our neighbor Janelle, we decided to make good use of the ice cream machine and try a new flavor every week. Here are photos of our creations so far.

Our first ice cream attempt was salted caramel. I love sweet and salty flavor combination and this was really rich and creamy. We finished it off with sprinkles of sea salt.

This honey lavender ice cream was super light with a great floral taste. We tried to make our own sugar cones but they were sort of crumbly.

Guinness milk chocolate ice cream, recipe by David Lebovitz. I'd venture to say this was one of the best ice creams I've eaten. Like ever. We used high quality Scarffen Berger which really sealed the deal. Photo by Merav Lahr.

Blueberry muffin ice cream recipe from Kitchy Kitchen. This is a brown butter ice cream with homemade blueberry jam and streusel swirled in.

Flavors coming up next include sweet corn, apricot and basil, and cookie dough!

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