Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Summer Sandal Philosophy

I am a firm believer in the flat summer sandal and an ever firmer believer in buying them dirt cheap since I wear them practically to death. Case in point, I've already worn down the 3 or so pairs that I already bought this season so it's time for round two! Lucky for me, people already have fall on the brain and are majorly discounting their sandals. Here are some options I'm considering:

These dark brown color and rows of neat studs make these Target sandals feel much richer than their $25 price tag. I might have to throw my "no ankle straps" rule out the window...

Mossimo Sandals for Target, $24.99

Urban Outfitters has an amazing summer sale going on, last week I snatched up this maxi dress, this bib necklace and this backless tank for mega cheap. Their sandal selection is great too, I'm digging these suede cage sandals.

Urban Outfitters suede cage sandals, $39.99

I tend to find Aldo a little overpriced for what it is but I think these intricately beaded sandals are definitely worth $20, don't you?

Landucci sandals from Aldo, $19.98

Sometimes I find the sheer volume of shoes on Piperlime's site to be a little overwhelming to sort through but I did find these sandals by Emma Pink. The ladylike cut is balanced by a nice pop of neon color.

Emma Pink sandals from Piperlime, $39.99

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