Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Best of 2013-Vintage Edition

For the past 2 years (check out 2011 and 2012 here) I've rounded up my favorite vintage finds of the year in a blog post. It's a fun way to reflect on my sales of the year and see how the shop has progressed. This year, I opened up a mobile boutique, launched a new website, and was a first-time vendor at the Manhattan Vintage Show so all in all, I'd say it was a pretty darn good year for La Poubelle Vintage. So how's about taking a walk down memory lane with me and checking out my greatest hits of 2013.

1. Hanae Mori Dress
It's hard to choose just 1 favorite but this Hanae Mori dress comes pretty close. I was lucky enough to acquire 3 pieces by the designer this year, one of which is still available in the shop!

2. Mink and Leather Jacket

3. Egyptian Print Skirt
Anyone who knows my vintage habits knows that I love a good Egyptian print. This one is the tops!

4. Amazing Red Silk Dress
  This one speaks for itself.

5. WWII Celluloid Pin
  Some vintage pieces I love because of the history involved. This pin dates to WWII where a pilot wore it while thinking of his gal back home.

6. 1950s Prom Dress
7. 1930s Kimono
 2013 will officially be known as the year that I became obsessed with the kimono.

8. 1940s Bronze Cocktail Dress
 Like wearing a dress made from liquid bronze!

9. 1970s Swimsuit
  The sexiest one piece in all the land!

10. Anne Fogarty Dress
 11. Hanae Mori Dress
 Another Hanae Mori stunner!

12. 1920s Lace Camisole
 A gorgeous antique lace piece.

13. 1960s Satin Cocktail Dress
14. 1940s Dress 

This one is all about the collar.

15. Rabbit Fur and Suede Jacket

  Another great jacket.

16. 1940s Zig Zag Dress
  I can't get enough of these zig zag details

17. 1960s Sundress
18. Horse Print Dress
I am alllll about this print!

19.  Red Justin Boots

20. 1970s Maxi Gown
This color combo is beyond!

21. 1960s Ruffled Dress
22. 1960s Pants
One snazzy pair of cigarette pants!

23. 1940s Cotton Dress

24. 1960s Floral Dress

25. 1970s Coat with Fox Collar

And as usual, many of my favorite finds this year are still available in the shop! Check out this 1970s jumpsuit huge amethyst necklace, 1950s sundress, and velvet Estevez dress now before they become relics of La Poubelle Vintage's past.

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