Monday, October 29, 2012

It's All In The Details

 1970s Cream Lace Dress

Hurricane Sandy sure is putting a damper on things here in New York. The subways are shut down, no one is going to work, and most of the city is cozied up inside watching Netflix. So far, I've been cooking a lot (I made a from-scratch pumpkin pie and French onion soup yesterday) and also catching up on some shop tasks that often get left by the wayside like repairs and redesigning my logo. I also managed to take a few shop photos before the rain ruined my natural light, and each piece happened to have some really exquisite details. These items will be trickling into the shop over the next couple of days, here's a little preview. I'm also having a little storm sale, take 20% off of everything in the shop with the code SANDY20!

1950s Wool Circle Skirt

 1950s Silk Blouse

1940s dres

 1960s Wool Suit

1940s Coat

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