Thursday, August 9, 2012


I got back on Monday from my first real vacation of the summer. My boyfriend is a vintage motorcycle fanatic so we took two '70s BMWs on a little roadtrip to our lake house in rural Maine and a pig roast in Vermont. Not a glamorous trip but we did  do a lot of swimming, hiking, biking and fresh-produce-eating! Here are some vacation pics via Instagram.

From top left: (1) before leaving in Brooklyn (2) the reddest hot dogs you've ever seen (3) a foxy tail (4) maxin' and relaxin' at the cabin (5, 6) fun with sparklers (7) various flavors of lime rickeys (8) fresh baked bread and homemade blackberry jam (9, 10) an epic hike (11, 12) fresh farm stand eggs (13) Merav and I in matching outfits... (14) ...and matching moto boots (15) VT scenery (16) a baby biker boy

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